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gabeiscool2002's OTA Application

Post by gabeiscool2002 on Sun Aug 16, 2015 4:47 am

1. What is your SteamID?

2. What is your Steam Username?
Hank Hill

3. Why do you want to be an OTA?
I feel like there aren't enough OTAs, and in the event of something that requires OTAs, there won't be enough to have RP that feels enjoyable.

4. What does an OTA do in HL2RP?
The OTAs serve as bodyguards for the City Administrator and the Sectorial. They are also used as soldiers for major problems that cannot be controlled by metropolice.

5. Provide a physical description for an ECHO.OWS Unit.
6'3" | Hard Reinforced Mask | Gas Filter | Heavy Kevlar | Black Combat Boots | Black and Blue Heavy Kevlar | AR2 Slung | 9mm Pistol Clipped to Utility Belt

6. Write an example of OTA roleplay. Min. 10 Lines
Scenario: In an alleyway during the rebel uprising.
** John Doe jumps out from around the corner and begins firing at the ECHO.OWS.
** ECHO.OWS would stumble back in pain and quickly flick off his safety on his AR2 and open fire on the anti-citizen.
** John Doe would fall down after being shot and begin to bleed out.
** ECHO.OWS would walk up to the anti-citizen and shoot him in the head.
** Bob Air and James Wool would run in behind ECHO.OWS and open fire.
** ECHO.OWS would stumble back in pain, slowly turn around, and open fire on the Bob Air.
** Bob Air would fall dead after a round hits him in the head.
** ECHO.OWS would turn slightly and open fire on James Wool.
** The SMG bullets from the rebels would tear through the kevlar at that moment, hititng the body of ECHO.OWS, causing him to fall over in pain as his bullets hit James Wool, also causing him to fall over, leaving them both to bleed out.
**ECHO.OWS would use his visor to notify other units about his location and status, so they might be able to get there in time to save him.

True-False Portion
If the statement is true, highlight the T in green. If the statement is false, highlight the F in red.

T/F OTAs have emotions.

T/F All OTAs are male.

T/F OTAs have augments that make them able to crush a school bus in less than a second.

T/F OTAs have a mind of their own and may go rogue at any time.

T/F OTAs have the ability to see every citizen through walls.

T/F OTAs have the urge to perform coitus.


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