Lucky Mr.Badman's Moderator Application

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Lucky Mr.Badman's Moderator Application

Post by Mr.Badman on Sat Aug 15, 2015 9:15 pm

1. What is your Steam Username?
Lucky Mr.Badman

2. What is your SteamID?

3. How old are you?

4. How long have you played on the server?
Ever since the day I had known about it, the day it opened to today. So 6 days, since 8/9/2015.

5. Have you had any previous administration experience? If so, please provide a link to the steam page of the owner as well as the name of the server.
I have had multiple previous administrative experiences with many different servers varying from perp to darkRP. Most of which are downed now but I can link some. An arma 3 community named, Epix Gaming Community- epixgamingcommunity(dot)com my name there was [OG] Rose   don't ask why, and I do not know the owner's steam but his name is Anonymous Kev. I have been an admin on a TTT server, I was also the forum manager and applications director, I then retired after a while due to real life purposes. The owner's link is steamcommunity(dot)com/id/fortyeightthousand/    and the community name is, PlAzMa Gaming. Also a darkRP server named Average gaming which has been taken down and I do not remember any of the information there. Many other servers varying different games and gamemodes, so let's just move on from this.

6. Why do you want to be moderator?
I want to be a moderator/operator because I have been with this server since the beginning and don't count on leaving any time soon. I have seen that some administrators/operators are becoming inactive or bored of the job and they don't help players if they need something which is causing a decline in players. Due to this I am saddened not only by the fact that administrators that pledged to help the server's players and stay with it, but for the new players that do not understand the game and are not recieving the propper education from an experienced player or administrator. I want to see this change and with my experience of roleplay and administration I know that I can help this server thrive with happy players and help the server make it to the top. I will stick with this server and try my absolute best to help any ald all players requesting help administratively or roleplay wise.

7. Somebody joins the server with the IC name, "Death Razor." His physical description is, "Demon Wings | Red Eyes | Pocket Strider | Two Hearts | Horny | Giant Dick". What do you do?
First of all I would bring them and talk to them privately about how this is a serious roleplay server and is based off of the Half Life universe, I would make sure they understand why they should not have that name and what they should have. Then if they understand and change their name I would begin to speak to them about roleplay and the concepts of /me and all the commands needed to ensure good quality roleplay for experienced players looking for a good server. We do not need to ruin their experience but we do not need to ruin the opposing member's experience either. if they are new to the game I would teach them the basics of roleplay annd how they should play the game to make sure that they and other players have fun in the same server.

8. Somebody needs assistance from an admin and you're in the middle of an RP situation. What do you do?
Depending on the RP scenario and the severity of the administrative request I could bestow upon different actions. If it was a rebellious situation or something along the lines of s2k or s2m, and then person requesting assistance didn't need them immediately I would ask them politely to please wait for me to finish the situation and if another administrator could help them during the time, if none were available I would then notify the whole roleplay scenario and hurry it up, once it's almost finished like when the shooting stops and it is detainment or looting, I would tell them I have to help a player and that I will be back after. If the admin was needed immediately for something big I would tell them to pause the scenario and that I'll be back, I would then go to the player requesting assistance. I would try to get them and the other parties involved (if any) to be happy and fix the scenario at hand fast but make sure they both recieve the correct amount of help needed. If I am in not that big of an RP scenario like maybe a CP-Citizen interaction I would tell them to please wait a second and that I would be back and then go to help the player the best I can, then to return to the RP scenario and void me being gone.

9. Somebody is asking what a combine is and why everybody is using so many /me's. What do you do?
First I would again bring them to a private place to speak to the about the concept of roleplay and the essential commands needed to roleplay. I would make sure they understand the type of community they are in and try to teach them the basics of roleplay the best I possibly can to make sure they understand what is going on around the. I would reccomend that they watch Half-Life 2 videos online or to play the game, and then still teach them about the storyline of Half-Life 2 to try to get them to understand their environment at least a little bit so they can help the people around them have a better experience as well as the new player.

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